Kabar Kukri Machete Review

For those on the market for a new machete, the Kabar kukri is a great choice. The design is one that has stood through all sorts of tests, and originated as a fighting knife. The kukriwas carried by the Nepalese military, with the most popular being the Gurkha regiments. Now, being an elite warrior is not a requirement, they are easily found in most knife stores or online.

The purpose behind the kabar is to chop and clear paths in a short amount of time. If you are needing something that will trim your trees, chop firewood, or clear bush, the kabar kukri is decent, but would not fully call it a survival knife. It’s not exactly a machete either, but more like a strong knife for chopping, similar to a hatchet.

The kabar is able to hack through trees eight inches around, which would give most machete’s a challenge, and could even cause them to break. The length of the blade is 11.5 inches, with a full length of 17 inches. It weighs roughly 20 ounces, and with a curved blade most of this weight is near the front.

With the blade sharpened, knocking out branches of 1-2 inches is no issue and can be done in a single swipe, talk about a time saver. To make it better, the price is affordable and you don’t have to stress about breaking the kabar as it’s designed to withstand all types of heavy use.

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