Is GransforsThe Best Axe Maker?

When it comes to who is the best at axe making, one common name that you may hear is Gransfors Burks. This is because they produce some of the highest quality axe on the market today, and it has shown over the years. Good news travels quick, as they are a popular name worldwide, let’s find out why.

Gransfors Burks is the name of the forger, and they are located in Gransfors, a Swedish village. Being in the business over a century now, they have developed into a worldwide brand and only have the most skilled craftsman working for them. How many people you ask? They have a total of 30 employees that work within product production and sales.

Gransfors also showcases they still market to 30 different regions of the world. The reason so many prefer axes made by Gransfors is due to their skilled craftsman. Anyone who know axes, know two are never equal and the quality depends on the experience and skills of the craftsman making it. Each Gransfors axe is signed using the craftsman’s initials, as their seal of approval.

Every axe Gransfors Burks produces has a certain purpose. Their axes fall into five categories – Ancient axes, Forest axes, Double bit axes, Log building axes, Splitting axes and the they produce Carpentry tools.

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