Hatchet vs Kukri

So you’re about to go on a hiking trip, or spend some time this summer camping. You know you’ll need a handy tool to cut wood, chop other things or just in case something comes up and you need to clear a path. You don’t want something heavy, so you’re confused on hatchet or kukri. Let’s start by saying both make a great tool with many uses. Let’s take a look.

Hatchets – With this tool, you are able to chop things, such as wood or small things commonly found around a camp site. You can it can be used as a hammer poll to help in getting tent stakes in the ground. It could be used for assisting in building things, or as a spike for digging. Hatchets, especially the Tomahawk is lighter than most kukri.

Kukri – Again, a tool that you are easily able to chop with, but the handle is designed to withstand heavier use allowing you to split wood if needed and cut through more, similar to a machete. While it doesn’t have the spike feature for digging, you can easily make up for this by cutting a stick for digging. It is common for high quality kukri to weight more than a tomahawk of the same length.

Also, with a hatchet, you may find the need to carry a longer blade to cut through more, such as clearing path ways through brush. Which adds one more thing to carry, and more weight. In the long run, a kukri is a bit heavier, but in our opinion wins the battle.