Hatchet vs Knife

If you are preparing for summer camping and hiking, you may find yourself asking if you need a large survival knife or a hatchet. We will go over some of the differences below and give our opinion on which one is the better option, and why. Let’s get started.

Hatchet -these are a great option for chopping wood, and a few other small things. You will find that some are lighter than others. You may even use some, such as the tomahawk for digging and hammering. But, for larger projects or brush, you may find a longer blade help.

Survival Knife – First off, you will notice that these are usually lighter than a hatchet. The second thing you may notice is the handle is often designed so it withstands much more use without breaking. This makes splitting wood easier by using the knife like a baton. Cutting through an 8 inch three is much easier with the longer blade, and knifes have many other uses.

There are many who choose hatchets over a survival knife, but in a comparison we believe the best option would be a high quality survival knife. They provide a longer blade, allowing you to tackle small or larger products, if needed you can cut trees for fire wood or building projects, and often times they are lighter.