Prenatal Vitamins for hair growth – really works wonders

Keeping a healthy diet is important to maintaining the bodies necessary vitamins. However, sometimes having a healthy diet just is not enough, and the body loses its needed nutrients. When a female is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant she needs something to help replenish lost nutrients, and that is just what this vitamin will do. Prenatal vitamins contain an extra amount of iron and folic acid in its content, and are essential for the health of mom and the unborn baby. These prenatal vitamins may very well help to reduce the problems that can arise during pregnancy.Are these the best over the counter prenatal vitamins?

Are these the best over the counter prenatal vitamins?

  • Folic acid: Helps to prevent defects that can occur in the neural tube.
  • Iron: This is significant to the growth and development of the unborn baby. It is also beneficial in preventing anemia.
  • Prenatal vitamins: Vitamins which contain an extra amount of vitamins, folic acid, and calcium.

Does prenatal vitamins benefit hair growth?

When we think about different things that might help hair growth, we seem to focus mostly on the hairs follicles cells, and that is because it is a significant part of the hair, actually, it is the main part, as it is a necessity for the growth of hair, it is the hair roots. The vitamins and minerals benefit the root of the hair. However, taken extra vitamins is only necessary if the body is low on them and the hair roots will not benefit from more than is needed.

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Taken vitamins and minerals during pregnancy will not benefit the hair growth, However, it will benefit the growth of the unborn baby. Scientifically speaking, taking vitamins such as these during pregnancy has not been proven to benefit the growth of hair during this period. Although, there have been women who have claimed that their hair went through significant changes, as well as their nails, during their pregnancy. In fact, it has been proven that the pregnancy hormones will make vital changes in a female’s body, and this includes her hair. The reason for this is that the blood flow is increased towards the scalp, leading to the hair follicles being stimulated, and makes the hair stronger. Furthermore, after the female has the baby and is no longer pregnant the hair returns as it was before pregnancy.

The best way to increase hair growth

There are methods used for increasing the growth of hair and nails, such as increasing one’s vitamin B level, their calcium level, and etc., including iron, zinc, and omega 3 (fatty acids). Multi-vitamins would be the best choice for the growth of hair and nails if people would add more dairy products and vegetables to their diets.

Always drink plenty of fluids when taking prenatal vitamins, it would also be a good thing to add more food containing fiber in your diet, and include some physical activity on a daily basis. If you are having issues with constipation consult your doctor, and get their advice on the stool softener you should take.