Kabar Kukri Machete Review

For those on the market for a new machete, the Kabar kukri is a great choice. The design is one that has stood through all sorts of tests, and originated as a fighting knife. The kukriwas carried by the Nepalese military, with the most popular being the Gurkha regiments. Now, being an elite warrior is not a requirement, they are easily found in most knife stores or online.

The purpose behind the kabar is to chop and clear paths in a short amount of time. If you are needing something that will trim your trees, chop firewood, or clear bush, the kabar kukri is decent, but would not fully call it a survival knife. It’s not exactly a machete either, but more like a strong knife for chopping, similar to a hatchet.

The kabar is able to hack through trees eight inches around, which would give most machete’s a challenge, and could even cause them to break. The length of the blade is 11.5 inches, with a full length of 17 inches. It weighs roughly 20 ounces, and with a curved blade most of this weight is near the front.

With the blade sharpened, knocking out branches of 1-2 inches is no issue and can be done in a single swipe, talk about a time saver. To make it better, the price is affordable and you don’t have to stress about breaking the kabar as it’s designed to withstand all types of heavy use.

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Is GransforsThe Best Axe Maker?

When it comes to who is the best at axe making, one common name that you may hear is Gransfors Burks. This is because they produce some of the highest quality axe on the market today, and it has shown over the years. Good news travels quick, as they are a popular name worldwide, let’s find out why.

Gransfors Burks is the name of the forger, and they are located in Gransfors, a Swedish village. Being in the business over a century now, they have developed into a worldwide brand and only have the most skilled craftsman working for them. How many people you ask? They have a total of 30 employees that work within product production and sales.

Gransfors also showcases they still market to 30 different regions of the world. The reason so many prefer axes made by Gransfors is due to their skilled craftsman. Anyone who know axes, know two are never equal and the quality depends on the experience and skills of the craftsman making it. Each Gransfors axe is signed using the craftsman’s initials, as their seal of approval.

Every axe Gransfors Burks produces has a certain purpose. Their axes fall into five categories – Ancient axes, Forest axes, Double bit axes, Log building axes, Splitting axes and the they produce Carpentry tools.

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Hatchet vs Kukri

So you’re about to go on a hiking trip, or spend some time this summer camping. You know you’ll need a handy tool to cut wood, chop other things or just in case something comes up and you need to clear a path. You don’t want something heavy, so you’re confused on hatchet or kukri. Let’s start by saying both make a great tool with many uses. Let’s take a look.

Hatchets – With this tool, you are able to chop things, such as wood or small things commonly found around a camp site. You can it can be used as a hammer poll to help in getting tent stakes in the ground. It could be used for assisting in building things, or as a spike for digging. Hatchets, especially the Tomahawk is lighter than most kukri.

Kukri – Again, a tool that you are easily able to chop with, but the handle is designed to withstand heavier use allowing you to split wood if needed and cut through more, similar to a machete. While it doesn’t have the spike feature for digging, you can easily make up for this by cutting a stick for digging. It is common for high quality kukri to weight more than a tomahawk of the same length.

Also, with a hatchet, you may find the need to carry a longer blade to cut through more, such as clearing path ways through brush. Which adds one more thing to carry, and more weight. In the long run, a kukri is a bit heavier, but in our opinion wins the battle.

Hatchet vs Knife

If you are preparing for summer camping and hiking, you may find yourself asking if you need a large survival knife or a hatchet. We will go over some of the differences below and give our opinion on which one is the better option, and why. Let’s get started.

Hatchet -these are a great option for chopping wood, and a few other small things. You will find that some are lighter than others. You may even use some, such as the tomahawk for digging and hammering. But, for larger projects or brush, you may find a longer blade help.

Survival Knife – First off, you will notice that these are usually lighter than a hatchet. The second thing you may notice is the handle is often designed so it withstands much more use without breaking. This makes splitting wood easier by using the knife like a baton. Cutting through an 8 inch three is much easier with the longer blade, and knifes have many other uses.

There are many who choose hatchets over a survival knife, but in a comparison we believe the best option would be a high quality survival knife. They provide a longer blade, allowing you to tackle small or larger products, if needed you can cut trees for fire wood or building projects, and often times they are lighter.

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Husqvarna Axe Review

Lets review something new, it’s the Husqvarna axe!

The following pages will be our introduction:

This is a multi-purpose axe that has the traditional appearance. The Husqvarna axe had a large impact on all the other brands when it was first introduced. Those who use axes and hatches seem to favor the Husqvarna axe. Used by more gardeners, campers, and those in a survival situation. The Husqvarna axe has been widely used for cutting trees, and also for chopping up large logs. It gives more power to a cut due to its long handle. A steel wedge gives it a secure fastening, and the axe itself is connected to a long wooden handle. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the use of products when it comes to the Husqvarna axe. When compared to the prices of other brand axes, the Husqvarna axe cost less, making it more affordable. The newer models of the Husqvarna axe are lighter than the traditional ones. However, the Husqvarna’s traditional, as well as the modern models, both, have a two-pound head.

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The handles on the Husqvarna axe and the Gransfors Forest axe were nearly identical.

  • The Husqvarna axe and the Gransfors Forest both, are not only similar to one another, but they are also both made by the same manufacturer.
  • Both, the Gransfors Forest and the Husqvarna axe have handles of almost the same design and quality.
  • There is a wooden wedge attached by a metal circular pin to the handle, which attaches it to the head of the Husqvarna axe.
  • The shape and thickness of both, the Husqvarna axe and the Gransfors Forest axe are nearly identical.
  • The balance of the Husqvarna axe is very good, however, the Gransfors (Bruks Scandinavian) axe is even better.
  • The design of the Husqvarna axe will wear off fast.
  • The small part of the Husqvarna axe is covered with a leather sheath, which comes with it.
  • The Husqvarna axe looks a lot like the Gransfors Forest axe if you get it with minute details, and it cost less.
  • The Husqvarna axe is well worth its price, and it is considered to be the best event though it cost less.
  • The Husqvarna axe is not only popular, but it is considered to be the top survival weapon.
  • Husqvarna axes are out sourced, and the handles just get stamped.
  • Having a curved multi-purpose Husqvarna axe is a necessity when camping out in the wild, and also for trekking.
  • Because of the Husqvarna axe being made from stainless steel, it will keep its sharpness, and does not blunt or rust easily.
  • When buying a Husqvarna axe one should ask about sharpening it.
  • The Husqvarna axe with a curve is a multi-purpose axe.
  • The Husqvarna axes are popular because they are light weight, compact, and easy to handle.
  • Sharpen once, in order to keep it maintain longer.
  • The Husqvarna axe can be used to cut down small trees.
  • Be confident and choose the Husqvarna axe from the start.
  • The Husqvarna axe stands out from all the rest.

The handle of a Husqvarna axe will stay secure, and it will not ever wear out.

Diaper bag checklist

When you have a baby, it is only natural that it is going to be your pride and joy. It will have you changing the way your previously life style habits, making you want to adopt a child friendly environment. For the safety of your new baby you will pay more attention to the aspects of safety, such as cleanliness, and hygiene. You will make it a priority to always be prepared to leave home suddenly, meaning that you are going to make sure you have packed all the basic needs for the baby.

A diaper bag is going to be your first, and foremost necessity. To save you time, a diaper bag should be kept maintained, and filled with the basic necessities. Here is a diaper bag checklist. Remember that diaper bags for little girls will need girly things. If you interested in a guide check-out diaper bags for girls.

Always have a diaper bag stocked and ready to go

If you have to suddenly leave you will not have to worry about forgetting something important that your baby needs by staying prepared. Many parents feel that stocking the diaper bag is intimidating, Keeping a list of the very basic needs for the baby should come first. However, in between the times the diaper bag is being used, it would be a smart move to make to replenish the diaper bag by replacing supplies.

Must have essentials for the diaper bag

Wipes, hand sanitizer, and of course, diapers are the main essentials to go into the diaper bag. Usually, it is best to allow one diaper for each hour that you will be gone, and a few extra. Diapers can also be used for things like wiping up spills, baby’s burping, sticky hands, and more. Keeping hand sanitizer in the diaper bag is also a good move.

Here are the basics you will find handy and will keep you prepared

Your diaper bag may come with a changing pad, which is reusable. If not, they can be brought separately. You can even purchase disposable changing pads. Also, stock the diaper bag with several plastic bags or biodegradable ones, they can be used for dirty diapers, dirty baby clothes, blankets, and etc.

Take note: Always keep plastic bags out of Children’s reach, as they could pose choking hazards.

Foods that will go into the diaper bag

If you bottle feed your baby, keep a sufficient supply of milk or formula for baby in bag. Keep empty bottles for water, juice, and in case your baby drinks breast milk. If your baby has begun to eat,keep jars of baby food in bag, along with a feeding spoon, finger foods, and bibs. Also keep one or two baby blankets in your diaper bag, one or two extra changes of clothing, sun protection for the baby, and perhaps a hat. Another thing to put in the bag is packaged drinking water.

Stroller manufacturers that offer matching changing bags with strollers, in case you are interested in this. However, the diaper bag you choose is totally up to you.

Remember, what you stock your diaper bag with is going to be a little different for little boy’s than it will be for little girls.

Prenatal Vitamins for hair growth – really works wonders

Prenatal Vitamins for hair growth – really works wonders

Keeping a healthy diet is important to maintaining the bodies necessary vitamins. However, sometimes having a healthy diet just is not enough, and the body loses its needed nutrients. When a female is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant she needs something to help replenish lost nutrients, and that is just what this vitamin will do. Prenatal vitamins contain an extra amount of iron and folic acid in its content, and are essential for the health of mom and the unborn baby. These prenatal vitamins may very well help to reduce the problems that can arise during pregnancy.Are these the best over the counter prenatal vitamins?

Are these the best over the counter prenatal vitamins?

  • Folic acid: Helps to prevent defects that can occur in the neural tube.
  • Iron: This is significant to the growth and development of the unborn baby. It is also beneficial in preventing anemia.
  • Prenatal vitamins: Vitamins which contain an extra amount of vitamins, folic acid, and calcium.

Does prenatal vitamins benefit hair growth?

When we think about different things that might help hair growth, we seem to focus mostly on the hairs follicles cells, and that is because it is a significant part of the hair, actually, it is the main part, as it is a necessity for the growth of hair, it is the hair roots. The vitamins and minerals benefit the root of the hair. However, taken extra vitamins is only necessary if the body is low on them and the hair roots will not benefit from more than is needed.

Find Diaper bag checklist.

Taken vitamins and minerals during pregnancy will not benefit the hair growth, However, it will benefit the growth of the unborn baby. Scientifically speaking, taking vitamins such as these during pregnancy has not been proven to benefit the growth of hair during this period. Although, there have been women who have claimed that their hair went through significant changes, as well as their nails, during their pregnancy. In fact, it has been proven that the pregnancy hormones will make vital changes in a female’s body, and this includes her hair. The reason for this is that the blood flow is increased towards the scalp, leading to the hair follicles being stimulated, and makes the hair stronger. Furthermore, after the female has the baby and is no longer pregnant the hair returns as it was before pregnancy.

The best way to increase hair growth

There are methods used for increasing the growth of hair and nails, such as increasing one’s vitamin B level, their calcium level, and etc., including iron, zinc, and omega 3 (fatty acids). Multi-vitamins would be the best choice for the growth of hair and nails if people would add more dairy products and vegetables to their diets.

Always drink plenty of fluids when taking prenatal vitamins, it would also be a good thing to add more food containing fiber in your diet, and include some physical activity on a daily basis. If you are having issues with constipation consult your doctor, and get their advice on the stool softener you should take.




Aigle rain boots review

The Aigle Rain Boots are made out of natural rubber tree plants (natural properties). Unlike synthetic material, rubber plants are used and they are also handmade. They are comfortable, flexible, and long lasting. Since they are made out of rubber, these boots are water resistant, durable, they also will resist wear and tear. The question here is Are the Aigle Rain Boots the best boots for rain’

The big question is are these the best rain boots?

Durable boots that will not slide, with comfort, and the best gripping action

The Aigle Rain Boots are more comfortable than other types of rain boots, because they are not made of plastic materials. They provide a great grip, which means you will not slide down. If a person knows what they are going to be wearing the boots for will assist in getting the perfect pair. They offer many different designs, which a person can go to their website and select their perfect pair, or you have the option of ordering from their magazine.

Be sure to order your size where there will be a tad bit of space in between the boots and your toes, of course, we do not want your feet to be able to slip out of the boots (so not that big, please). The boots are designed to be tall, which means that the height will run from the sole to the top of the boot. Another good thing about the Aigle Rain Boots, they have the ability to be worn as snow and/or ski boots as well. Always clean your boots after using in snow. They are completely water proof, as well as breathable. So, it is not going to effect your feet if they sweat in them, of course, the climate has a lot to do with it.

Get a classy look and still have comfort

If you are a tall person, these boots might not come all the way up to the height intended, which is to the knees. They have a modern appearance, and bend perfectly at the top edges. Walking is easier because of their pleats. Aigle Rain Boots have been perfectly designed to be watertight. A person can walk over pebbles in these boots, in addition to that, they can even walk in water. Providing under foot stability.

They need very little maintenance for their durability

A little extra care should be expected since they are made out of rubber, to keep them in good shape. They should never be bent, and they need to be kept in a dry place. They can be cleaned by hand in clean water and dried naturally, do not wash, however, the inner sole is removable and get be washed. They may be oxidized at times because they are made of rubber.

The Aigle Rain Boots are designed to use in rainy weather, and when a person will be walking in and/or around in water. Besides providing comfort, they also help in protecting the legs.